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CFO playbook: how to ensure the accuracy of your cashflow forecasts

Increasing the accuracy of cash flow forecasting and analysis to preserve value and enable improved decision making

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Led by: Terry Kades, Managing Director, PowerStrat BI and Liquidity Management Solutions

12 October 2017


As organisations grow more complex, so do their cashflow issues. It requires a coordinated effort to take the right steps to ensure that future cashflow forecasts can be projected both accurately and efficiently. Among the challenges you, as the CFO, face is keeping track of current cash balances, especially if your company maintains multiple bank accounts with different schedules for clearing funds. For finance teams, an even greater challenge is forecasting future cash balances, which are subject not only to broad economic influences, such as interest rate fluctuations, but also internal expectations, such as sales projections.

During this webinar, we will discuss:


Pieter de Jager, CFO, Tanga Cement

CFO Talks - Pieter de Jager

Since 2006, Pieter de Jager has held the position of Chief Financial Officer and director to the board of various multi-national companies, predominantly in the mining and metals sector. He served as executive and non-executive director on the boards of companies listed directly and indirectly (on subsidiary boards) in South Africa (JSE), Canada (TSX) and Australia (ASX).

He is a seasoned company director with a proven track record, background and more than 18 years’ experience in senior management roles in many sectors, including engineering, manufacturing, FMCG, transport logistics and warehousing, metals and mining and cement manufacturing.

Areas of expertise include mergers & acquisitions, unbundlings, reverse listings, fundraising, debt reorganisation, downsizing, group restructurings, feasibility studies and valuations. He also assisted in setting up governance structures and developing of board subcommittees for listed corporates and professional bodies.

Terry Kades, Managing Director, PowerStrat BI and Liquidity Management Solutions

CFO Talks - Terry Kades

Terry has spent most of his career in management consulting and the design of intelligent software models and data visualisation tools that link business and marketing strategy with finance and risk. Based on his work in South Africa he was recruited to the USA by the Futures Group to head the strategy and finance modelling division. He eventually founded and ran Strategic Feasibilities Inc. from 1996 to 2013 based in Washington DC.

In 2013, he returned to South Africa to help design and run the development of Cash-I, the unique cash-flow and liquidity management software, that was conceived by his partner Carosin Buitendag after her successful testing and validating of the Cash-I methods for the past 15 years in both public and private sector organisations. He now implements, trains and consults with Cash-I in cash-flow and liquidity risk management, customer profitability and product profitability and pipeline management.