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People management and skills development

Effective strategies for recruiting, retaining and developing talent in your finance team

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Led by: Roy Clark, Managing Director and Founder, Clarkhouse Human Capital

7 September 2017


The age of digital disruption is changing the way we think, work and manage human capital within finance teams. The typical finance career path is more fluid than ever. Today, talent is staying more connected, informed and open to new opportunities throughout their professional lives. The human talent equation is getting very complicated and we need to look at a number of trends relevant to South Africa such as:

The fact is that current human capital resource practices are struggling to adapt to this new era, Organizations today must navigate a “new world of work”—one that requires a dramatic change in strategies for leadership, talent, and human resources. During this webinar, our expert presenter will discuss:


Roy Clark, Managing Director and Founder, Clarkhouse Human Capital

CFO Talks - Roy Clark

Roy Clark is a passionate human capital strategist, keynote speaker,moderator and entrepreneur. His has extensive experience in human capital methodologies, and search services to international blue-chip clients as well as boutique banking, financial services organisations.

Mr. Clark is the founder of ClarkHouse Human Capital – a Human Capital Business Enabler. He is the driving force behind the ClarkHouse Core Purpose which aims 'To Rise by Lifting Others'. The latter phrase summarises the company’s ethos.

Other areas of expertise include advising non-profit organisations and helping upcoming entrepreneurs on leadership and strategy.