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Why CFO Talks™

CFO Talks™ is devoted to sharing ideas and conversations between CFOs. A platform which facilitates insightful and powerful talks relevant to CFOs, CFO Talks™ is an initiative between IAFEI, UNISA SBL, CIMA and SAIBA. Through our network, we are able to source and connect knowledgeable thought leaders with the CFO community, covering all issues affecting the CFO including business, social, technical and global issues.

CFO Talks™ is a fast-tracked learning experience for CFOs.

A continual conversation amongst peers and experts ensures that the CFO is kept updated in terms of changes in the business world and s/he can therefore react more quickly in a very competitive environment. CFO Talks™ delivers this continual conversation by offering webinars, face-to-face networking events, online videos and interviews and CFO-specific conferences.

A committee of experts meets quarterly to dissect and analyze trends and developments affecting the finance function. This is supported by surveys and interviews with peer groups to discover and develop topics that excite and illuminate. Our committee carefully selects and evaluates options for presenters to ensure a meaningful discussion. This approach guarantees delegate satisfaction and heightens receptiveness to messages delivered by advertisers and sponsors.

A few facts about CFO Talks™:

Our audience

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