1 in 4 employees plans to look for a new job — will Finance be impacted?

From CFO Daily News: Now’s a good time to check in and assess your finance staffers’ job satisfaction. Because about one in four employees plans to look for a new job after the pandemic.

That’s according to Prudential Financial’s Pulse of the American Worker Survey.

The post-pandemic perspective

So why do so many people want to jump ship?

Many are worried about their career advancement (80%) or say COVID-19 made them rethink their skill sets (72%). And what are they looking for going forward? More flexibility, the survey says.

It’s what The New York Times has coined the “YOLO (You Only Live Once) Economy.” Staffers are burned out from the old and ready for the new.

So check in with your staff.

You’ll probably want to budget for some additional professional development in 2022. But for the short term, there’s another option: burst training.

HIIT training for your team so they don’t want a new job

You may be familiar with burst training in the gym, aka HIIT training. Consider adopting something similar for your finance and accounting team.

  • Keep it even shorter than you think you should. Fact: Most learners won’t watch a video that’s longer than four minutes. So even the 5-7 minute training sessions that burst learning experts encourage could be too long.
  • Provide boosts. A mere nine hours after learning something, folks can recall just 30% of what they’ve been taught. So you’ll want to reinforce and remind them with periodic mini-bursts. Nothing elaborate – offer a few questions that will prompt folks to remember what they’d learned. A goal: Send four of these in the two weeks after a training session.
  • Offer apps for later. When unexpected problems or issues come up later, the vast majority of people jump on their smartphones for answers. Why not provide them with apps that can complement their training so you know they’re getting info from reliable sources?

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