Month: May 2019

IAFEI Q2 2019 Survey

Dear IAFEI Members, The IAFEI survey for Q2 2019, through Duke University and Grenoble Ecole de Management, is now open! This quarter, we focus on growth perspectives around the world and the possible impact on your firm? Please share your views and see the results for your region and across the world.  Click on the link below …

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Increased Budget Approved for EU Anti-Tax Fraud Programme

The EU Parliament on 17 April adopted a regulation renewing the EU 2020 Fiscalisprogramme for cooperation in the field of taxation, with a budget of €339 million foreseen for implementation of the Programme in the period between 2021 and 2027. The regulation sets out that the Programme should “contribute to: supporting tax policy and the implementation of Union law relating to the field of …

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BusinessEurope’s high-level debate on the European elections

“Europe’s achievements should not be taken for granted. It is crucial to mobilise voters and we call on the business community and on citizens to cast their vote in the upcoming European elections”, said BusinessEurope President Pierre Gattaz, speaking at BusinessEurope’s high-level debate on 7 May at the European Business Summit (EBS) in Brussels. Read more here …

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OECD Publishes Model Tax Convention

The OECD has now published the full version of its 2017 Model Tax Convention on Income and Capital. The model convention is aimed at providing a standard for concluding bilateral tax conventions between countries in order to facilitate economic development, to prevent tax evasion, and to settle circumstances where international double taxation arise. The model stresses the importance for taxpayers of standardising taxation in cross-border trade. The 2017 model incorporates revisions to …

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EU Commission Proposes VAT Exemption for Defence Supplies

The European Commission has adopted a proposal that an exemption from VAT and excise duties should be included in the VAT Directive concerning supplies made to armed forces, when the forces are deployed in a European defence effort outside their member state. This proposal is made in line with the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy, and aims to amend the VAT Directive to include an exemption that would mirror the one currently in place …

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EU Commission Launches Future of EU Customs Survey

The European Commission has launched a survey seeking input from individuals with in-depth European customs knowledge as part of its “Foresight Process” project on exploration of concepts surrounding the future of the European customs system. The project centres around a series of five workshops aimed at engaging key stakeholders and relevant parties, to examine “how the EU customs ecosystem could …

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CFE Forum 2019 – Registration Reminder

The CFE Tax Advisers Europe has published the final programme concerning its Forum taking place on 6 June 2019 in Brussels this year entitled “Creating Tax Certainty in an Uncertain World: Double Taxation, Tax Rulings & Dispute Resolution Processes”. The Forum will examine existing MAP mechanisms and the EU Tax Dispute Resolution Mechanisms Directive. The Forum will further discuss …

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16: Patuxolo Nodada

CEO: Busmark South Africa’s only manufacturer of buses now has its sights set on producing 1000 buses every month throughout Africa.   CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and today we’re joined by 42-year-old chartered accountant Pat Nodada, he’s been called the bus king of Africa. He’s conquered the South African bus market and now …

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