The official Designation for financial managers

Become a CBA(SA)

Official designation for Financial Managers

International accreditation

The CBA (SA) designation is your stepping stone to the prestigious CFO (SA) designation. CFO(SA) is recognised by member bodies of IAFEI, the global body for finance executives. This means should you choose to work abroad, your CFO designation and your competencies are instantly recognised by your peers.

IAFEI currently has 22 Member Institutes in the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, with a total membership of over 20,000 financial executives. As a CFO (SA) you gain access to all IAFEI resources.

CBA (SA) is authorized by SAQA in terms of the National Qualifications Framework Act, 67 of 2008 and the underlying qualifications are set at NQF level 8. The highest level awarded to financial managers. The Southern African Institute for Business Accountants (SAIBA) are the custodians of the designation.

As a holder of the designation you will be able to use the official designatory letters: CBA (SA) or Certified Business Accountant (SA) next to your name.

As the designation is government sanctioned, employers are able to obtain objective confirmation that you have obtained 34 critical competencies required within the typical job function of a finance executive such as a Finance Director, senior Financial Manager or Chief Financial Officer. 

Certified Business Accountant (SA)

  • Are you a financial manager or do you hold a management role within your company’s accounting department?
  • Do you face challenges in many different areas, including technical skills, as well as soft skills like communication and leadership in your interactions with clients, or within your own department?
  • SAIBA’s CBA (SA) designation is officially registered with the SAQA at NQF level 8 and will give you the tools and knowledge you need to face your challenges head on.

Obtaining a CBA (SA) with SAIBA will open up a world of professional opportunities that extend beyond the average accounting job.

Do I qualify to become a CBA (SA)?

You will need to have obtained:

  1. A Commerce degree at honours level or higher, e.g. Honours in Accounting / CTA from an accredited institute of higher learning.
  2. In addition to this you must have four years accounting related experience, and
  3. Finally you will be required to complete an examination by experience. This consists of self-assessment, an employer verification and an experience evaluation by a committee.

Become a CBA (SA)

All potential designation holders must register as a SAIBA Associate and pay the CBA (SA) fee. SAIBA designations are only awarded to those members that can demonstrate that they have achieved specified assessment criteria.

Share in the benefits and rewards of a CBA (SA) with SAIBA.

As a CBA (SA) you get to share in a wide range of benefits;

  • You gain status as an accounting or financial manager which takes you a step closer to becoming a CFO (SA).
  • You’ll improve your knowledge with personal and professional development seminars and webinars.
  • You get a chance to network at SAIBA’s events and will receive exclusive invitations to the CFO Talks events. You’ll be the first to receive updates on legislative changes – assuring that you keep your technical knowledge up to date.

If the above applies to you then:

  1. Complete the CBA (SA) application form confirming the above.
  2. Provide copies of ID, CV, and degrees/qualifications.
  3. Submit a declaration of proficiency confirming the 34 critical competencies have been achieved.
  4. Submit to an interview conducted by a finance executive based on the critical competencies.
  5. Register as a SAIBA MEMBER and pay R1360 membership fee.
  6. Register for an the CFO assessment and pay an assessment free of R1937.
  7. If you pass the verification and assessment you need pay an annual designation fee to be awarded the designation CBA(SA), R4625.

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