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164: Johannes Seefried


163: Henk Cronje

Bringing science and technology to agriculture

Raised on a farm, Henk Cronje has returned to his roots as Head of Finance at Agri Technovation, a global innovation business focused on crop performance fuelled by science and technology.


162: Lindelani Gumbo

‘A pathfinder with a passion for excellence and stewardship ’

Inspired to follow in her father’s footsteps as a CA, Lindelani Gumbo has carved her own path as a regulatory accountant, a career built on a genuine passion for the financial sector and regulatory space.


161: Chris Strauss

It's critical as the head of finance that you have an in-depth understanding of the operations.’

Finance Executive, Chris Strauss, describes his career in the food and food service industry as a life-long passion, and he believes it’s critical to understand the intricacies of business if you want to play an influential role in guiding the business.


160: Sandeep Gandhi

I don't even think I had a second choice as a career.’

Having left the corporate world to pursue contract advisory roles, Sandeep Gandhi now draws on 20 years of progressive experience with listed South African and multinational companies, highlighting that skills acquired over the years are transferable and not necessarily industry specific.


159: Scholtz Fourie

‘A Detour from the Traditional Accounting Path’

Scholtz Fourie has a demonstrated history of working in the travel and international chemical industries and in his role as CFO at Tourvest, he and his team have experienced and overcome the unchartered waters of the recent Covid lockdowns that affected most of the travel industry adversely.


158: Vijay Misra

‘Uncompromised Courage and Principled Leadership’

Vijay Misra has had a fascinating and at times incredibly challenging career as both a CFO and CEO, he shares some valuable insights from his journey into the darkest corners of the profession.


157: Roxane Leita

Being a CFO is About Business Acumen.’

After gaining experience in a variety of roles at PwC, Roxane Leita, was approached by Investec to assist with the launch of Investec Life as their Head of Finance, where she faced the challenge to create finance processes from the ground up and she shares here the intricacies of this role.

156: Gerda Janse van Vuuren

The Baking Bean Counter.

By her own admission, Gerda Janse van Vuuren believes she was an accountant before she even knew what an accountant was, and here she discusses her natural affinity for numbers, her role as CFO at SA Mint and her obsession with baking sourdough bread.


155: Marius Moller

I definitely didn’t follow a conventional approach to becoming a CFO.’

Despite being a self-confessed late bloomer, Marius Möller has an impressive CV and extensive experience in senior financial leadership that led to his current position at Business Science Corporation, a fourth industrial revolution enablement company.

154: Charles Humphreys Mbale

SAIBA Platforms Provide Benefits to Finance Professionals.

Charles Mbale’s career experience has been predominantly in the NGO sector but in 2019 he established his own accounting practice and shares valuable insight for other finance professionals considering the same route.


153: Teboho Gordon Makakane

‘The title CFO (SA) is a very critical but also, privileged title for me.’

Teboho Makakane represents the quintessential modern CFO, from humble beginnings as a motor mechanic, his diverse career and experiences have led him to being awarded the CFO (SA) designation, and he shares his expectations as he prepares to join SAIBA’s delegation to the CFO World Congress in Mexico.

150: Fatima Darsot

‘I like to take the theoretical and make it practical.’

Fatima Darsot’s shares how her career has been enriched through her love for teaching and mentoring graduates by empowering them with practical knowledge that allows students to have greater confidence to advance their careers.

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