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Platform for Collaboration on Tax Issues Draft Transfer Pricing Toolkit

The Platform for Collaboration on Taxa joint initiative of the IMF, OECD, UN and World Bank Group, has issued a draft toolkit designed to help developing countries in the implementation of effective transfer pricing documentation requirements. The toolkit considers current approaches of tax administrations concerning documentation for transfer pricing analysis and policy matters that may give guidance to developing countries.

The Platform for Collaboration on Tax are seeking input on this draft of the toolkit by 8 November 2019. Particular points concerning which the Platform is seeking input includewhether the draft toolkit addresses all the relevant considerations for the design of an effective transfer pricing documentation regulatory system; whether particular approaches (e.g. penalties or compliance incentives) are especially beneficial for limited capacity developing countries, in terms of enforcement of transfer pricing documentation; whether there other transfer pricing documentation requirements not covered in this toolkit that should be considered; and what additional considerations and/or tools can be included to assist developing countries to implement effective transfer pricing documentation.

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