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The Employment Fund for African Accountants – EFAA is a registered NPO initiated by the Southern African Institute for Business Accountants (SAIBA) in 2019. EFAA was set up to empower SA students studying at SA universities by preparing them for the world of work during the course of their studies and providing them with an opportunity to realize their full potential.

EFAA’s mission is to train South Africa’s top accounting talent in order to truly transform the South African business landscape. We’re focused on recruiting the sharpest minds and moulding them into exceptional accountants.

Partner with Us

EFAA is involved with the development of work ready graduates by educating students from their first year to their last year at various partner universities. EFAA’s training model not only affords students the opportunity for a great education, but it also exposes them directly to the people and institutions that make up our society.


Why Should You Sign Up?

As a sponsor you can:

Claim B-BBEE points for your sponsorship. How?

EFAA is a unique organisation (NPO) that will provide under graduates with an opportunity to graduate and earn a designation using a first of a kind virtual training methodology…

Organisations looking to recruit top accounting trainees may sponsor the one year university candidacy training for students. Sponsors gain access to a reputed pool of EFAA graduates with first right to hire. Looking for world-class accounting trainees to take your accounting practice to the next level? Sign up today…

Benefits for Sponsors:

  • Tax Deduction: EFAA is a registered PBO and employers will be issued with a section 18A certificate;  OR
  • B-BBEE Scorecard: Employers may be in a position to scores points under the socio-economic development element of the Codes of Good Practice
  • Contribute to social upliftment: Employers will directly impact on the career trajectory of the supported learner(s);
  • Promote job creation: Learners supported through EFAA will be sustainably placed in employment thus improving the S. African economy.

Reward: Company profile on all SAIBA platforms, ie AW, CFOTalks, saiba.academy

*Contribute once off or monthly


We’re seeking employers who are passionate about developing the next generation of accounting trainees. If you have experience working with trainee accountants and would like to offer your workplace as a training site, join our official Volunteer Programme!

Employers and firms may register to become a Southern African Institute for Business Accountants (SAIBA) Approved Training Centre (ATC). Registering as an ATC allows an employer to offer learnerships and as a result, obtain a tax deduction. SAIBA’s ATC programme is run in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). This means that SAIBA ATCs must register as CIMA Training Providers and in this way register their trainee accountants on the Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority (FASSET) accredited learnership(s).

Benefits for Volunteers:

  • ETI or Employee Tax Incentive: ETI allows you to benefit up to R12,000 per year for every qualifying youth you employ.
  • B-BBEE Scorecard: Employee training is a priority element in terms of BBBEE scores. A company can claim for training costs for people who are not employed by the company. Click here to read more 
  • Contribute to social upliftment: Employers will directly impact on the career trajectory of the supported learner(s);
  • Promote job creation: Learners supported through EFAA employers will be sustainably placed in employment thus improving the S. African economy.

Reward: Company profile on all SAIBA platforms, ie AW, CFOTalks, saiba.academy

The EFAA Model

EFAA supports graduates while they are studying and facilitates these unemployed learners to become work-ready. (Skilled and valuable employees).

EFAA creates employment opportunities for unemployed learners and thereby assists in achieving the national growth, skills, empowerment and employment imperatives

Learners who are funded through EFAA are required to “pay it forward” by repaying their “loan” once they are sustainably employed.


My name is Bafana Selvester Skhosana. I am 29 years old and residing in the East Rand of Johannesburg (Springs). I have a BTech Degree in Internal Auditing from Tshwane University of Technology. Being the first child in the family to reach an institution of higher education and also, to graduate, not only once but twice has been a dream come true to me.

My name is Kegomoditswse Ngobeni, 26 years of age residing in Pretoria. I was born and bred in Brits, North West Province. I studied Internal Auditing at Tswane University of Technology (TUT). During my diploma, I had several challenges such as finances and finding a job was a huge struggle. I grew up in a community that is science centric. Furthermore, I had been unemployed for two years and a friend of mine told me about the Business Accountant opportunity, and I applied for the post, I got an email with an assessment date, and then my interview was a success. My hope was restored when I finally got admitted into the SAIBA BA (SA) training programme.

My name is Langutelani Shikwambana, an internal auditing graduate from Vaal University of Technology. I was born and raised in a rural area in Limpopo, in a village called Hovheni outside Tzaneen. I must say that the academic journey has been a grueling one since I only managed complete my studies outside the standard duration. After a few years of hard work, determination and not giving up, I found myself in a daunting process of job seeking.

My name is Serogole Mahlatse.I am from Ga-Mphahlele, Tooseng in Limpopo. Coming from a challenging background and dusty area in Limpopo, finances were very limited. After completing my Bachelor of Accountancy at University of Limpopo, I was enrolled with South African Accounting Academy in partnership with SAIBA to do my work-readiness program. After the completion of the program, I was placed as an Audit Intern with PSTM Auditors to grow my skills and better myself.The placement had a very good impact in my life and I am very thankful to the program facilitators and sponsors.

My name is Prudence Ranamane and I am a Finance Intern at Absa Vehicle Management Solutions. I graduated in 2019 and as a result I needed an opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge within the Accounting field. During March 2019, I saw a post on Facebook about an Internship program that was hosted by SAAA in partnership with SAIBA for a Business Accountant designation. I applied and I was so happy to be welcomed into the team. I excelled well in team working and engaging with my peers. We were getting prepared for the working environment. We were taught about how to be ethical in a working environment and everything was exciting. The program paved my path into my career. I knew what I wanted and how I am going to conduct myself once I get exposed into the working environment.

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